• Over 20 years experience in providing procurement services to laboratories, and a total of over 34 years experience in advising & supplying laboratory apparatus and chemicals.

Meet Our Company

Charlton Scientific was formed in 2003 as an Independent Laboratory Supplier.

Our Mission

At Charlton Scientific we aim to supply the best laboratory products, at the most competitive prices & with real customer service.

Adrian Drewry - Owner and Managing Director

Our Product Ranges

In basic terms, if it goes into a laboratory, there's a good chance that we can supply it.

It is for this reason that we no longer run a website shop, we simply have access to too many products.

Typical product ranges we source for our customers & clients are:

Laboratory Apparatus

Water Analysis

Laboratory Consumables

Food Analysis

Laboratory Equipment



Our Services

In addition to supplying products, we also offer our customers & clients these services

Charlton Scientific Procurement

Charlton Scientific has over 20 years experience in providing procurement services to laboratories

Chemical Waste Disposal

Charlton Scientific is a certified upper tier waste broker and dealer 

(Registration No. CBDU145023)