Quantofix Calcium
Quantofix Calcium - Water Test Strips Quantofix Calcium test strips allow the quick and easy determination of Calcium in solutions. Supplied with all necessary reagents, so measurement can be started immediately, and a reliable result can be obtained within a minute.

Calcium is an important element in nutrition, being essential for the development of human bones, and is therefore tested in foodstuff. Lack of Calcium in the daily diet may also lead to osteoporosis. The recommended consumption is about 1000 mg/day.

In combination with Magnesium, Calcium is also responsible for water hardness.

Range: 0 - 10 - 25 - 50 - 100 mg/l
Colour change: Yellow - Red

Pack of 60 strips & reagents

Quantofix test strips have a shelf life of at least 2.5 years after production

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