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HI-99161 Handheld General Purpose Food and Dairy pH Meter

Dedicated pH meter for food. Supplied complete with specialised food pH electrode for longer life and greater accuracy. Use with all types of foods including:

• Soft Cheeses, Sushi Rice, Milk, Ready Meals
• Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Food Sauces, Jams, Chutneys
• All types of semi-solid foods

The HI-99161 is a portable, lightweight meter with two button operation that is simple to use. It is designed specifically for use in the food sector. Features include a waterproof and compact casing, large dual-line display, low battery detection, automatic pH calibration at one or two points and selectable temperature unit (°C or °F). The meter is supplied with a pH electrode specially designed for use in the food sector.

The FC2023 pH electrode has a built-in temperature sensor for simultaneous temperature compensated pH and temperature readings, and also contains an integral pre-amplifier to provide measurements impervious to noise and electrical interferences.

Each meter is supplied with:

• FC2023 pre-amplified pH/temperature probe with DIN connector and 1m cable, conical tip
• pH 4.01 to 7.01 buffer sachet
• HI-700601 electrode cleaning solution x 2
• 100ml beaker x 1
• Alkaline batteries 1.5V AAA x 3
• Rugged carrying case
• Calibration certificate of meter
• Calibration certificate of probe
• Instruction manual


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