MQuant Peroxide 100-1000mg/l
MQuant (or Merckoquant) Peroxide 100-1000mg/l - Water Analysis Test Strips MQuant (MQ) test strips can be considered as a mobile laboratory on a few square millimetres of plastic strip. As a screening method they provide the user with a rapid overview of the situation, which helps in making the choice of what, and perhaps if, further analysis is required, possibly leading to substantial savings in time and analytical resources. The strip is a biologically degradable polyester foil and the low reagent content in the reaction zones offers problem-free waste disposal.

MQuant Peroxide 100-1000mg/l is ideal for testing residual concentrations of disinfectants on equipment or the product itself. As such, it particularly lends itself to medical and hospital (NHS) applications.

Range: 100-200-400-600-800-1000 mg/l H₂O₂

Pack of 100 strips & reagents

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When this item is out of stock, customers are recommended to consider our Quantofix Peroxide 1000 (MN91333) as an alternative.


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