Filter Papers

Charlton Scientific supplies a number of grades of filter paper, in a wide range of sizes. Our most popular grades are:


Qualitative Papers

Grade Speed Similar Grades
1288 Very Fast Whatman No 4
S&S 604
MN 617
Sartorius 1288
VWR 415
Fisherbrand QL125
1291 Medium Whatman No 5
S&S 602eh
MN 619de
Sartorius 1291
292 Medium Whatman No 1
S&S 595
MN 615
Sartorius 292
Fisherbrand QL100


Quantitative Papers

Grade Speed Similar Grades


Whatman No 541, 54 & 41
S&S 1505, 1573 & 589/1
MN 1640w, 1640 & 640w
Sartorius 388
VWR 454
Fisherbrand QT205
391 Slow Whatman No 42
S&S 589/3
MN 640de
Sartorius 391
VWR 434
Fisherbrand QT210
392 Medium Whatman No 540 & 40
S&S 1506 & 589/2
MN 1640m & 640md
Sartorius 392
VWR 474
Fisherbrand QT200


Glass Fibre Filters

Made with 100% borosilicate glass microfibres & are binder free. Due to their fine fibres, glass microfibre filters allow high efficiency rates even down to the submicronic range, combined with good permeability & high holding capacity. They are non-hygroscopic & biologically inert, and are resistant to most solvents & reagents.

Grade Details Similar Grades

Particle Retention: 1.6um

Filtration Speed: 60s (Herzberg)

Whatman GF/A
S&S GF50
Sartorius MGA
VWR 691
Fisherbrand MF100

Particle Retention: 1.2um

Filtration Speed: 100s (Herzberg)

Whatman GF/C
S&S GF52
Sartorius MGC
VWR 693
Fisherbrand MF200


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