Econo-Cap & Heliflex

As you may be aware, there have been some recent policy changes at Grace/Alltech, resulting in them discontinuing the manufacture and distribution of a number of their product ranges, many of which were in the chromatography area. Most of these ranges have now been licenced out to other manufacturers and in June 2016 MEGA snc announced that it would introduce the HeliflexTM and Econo-CapTM branded GC capillary columns into their range, to compliment their existing MEGA product line. 


Please click here for the full and detailed communication from Grace/Alltech


The Heliflex and Econo-Cap GC capillary columns will be produced by MEGA snc under a WR Grace & Co - Conn. (GRACE) Alltech Associates Inc exclusive licence and will be fully equivalent to those bought via Grace/Alltech previously. This will enable customers to continue to use these columns in existing methods, without the need to re-evaluate.


As the UK distributor for MEGA snc, we are pleased to announce that the Heliflex and Econo-Cap GC capillary columns will now be available in the UK via Charlton Scientific.


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