Semi-Quantitative Water Analysis Test Kits

Being independent, Charlton Scientific sources water analysis products from a number of different manufacturers. This gives our customers access to a wider variety of analysis types & ranges.


Quantofix Test Strips and Merckoquant Test Strips



The Quantofix & Merckoquant ranges are easy to use test strips. Simply dip in analysis solution, wait & then measure visually against a colour scale.


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Colorimetric Analyses

MColortest MCDMColortest MCD (Formerly Microquant)

Using the comparator wheel, the MColortest MCD test kit is especially suitable for the analysis of turbid or coloured waters. The comparator wheel is a practical and robust colour comparison device that provides reliable measurments, even in humid environments.






MColortest MTCMColortest MTC (Formerly Aquamerck)

The MColortest MTC quick assay system is the basis of all test kits for mobile analysis. It can be applied almost everywhere and requires no supporting apparatus. It is the method of choice where results are needed quickly, reliably and economically - whether in field work, in process analysis, production or in the laboratory for screening routine samples.






MColortest MCCMColortest MCC (Formerly Aquaquant)

By using cuvettes with a long light path, the MColortest MCC test kits are especially suited for measuring low ions concentrations (some as low as 0.005 mg/l). These test kits are especially appropriate for analysing drinking water, spring water, purified and mineral water, as well as cooling and boiler water.




Hanna Checker HC Series

The Hanna Checker HC bridges the gap between simple chemical test kits and professional instrumentation, being both accurate, yet affordable. The Checker HC is extremely simple to use, as can be seem from the diagram below. These test kits are applicable for the analysis of a wide range of water types; drinking water, fresh water, wastewater and salt water, as well as for the analysis of aquariums.

Hanna HC Checker








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