Handheld Waterproof Meters

Hanna handheld waterproof meters

Hanna Waterproof Handheld Meters


Hanna's HI9819X series of meters combine all of the features of a benchtop into a portable IP67 rated waterproof enclosure, making them some of the most versatile meters on the market.


The following models are available:

HI98190 - pH (-2.0 to 16.0) and ORP (+/- 2000mV)

HI98191 - pH (-2.0 to 16.0), ORP (+/- 2000mV) and ISE (17 sensors pre-programmed into meter) 

HI98192 - EC, TDS, Resistivity and Salinity

HI98193 - Dissolved Oxygen and BOD


All meters in the series are supplied with a rugged, custom carrying case, that securely holds the meter and all accessories, along with appropriate electrode/probe and buffers/calibration solutions.


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