Charlton Scientific is able to offer the manufacturing and repair of all types of glassware from micro-scale to process plant in Borosilicate, Soda-Lime, and Quartz Glass.

The company we work with has over 20 years experience in glassblowing and a deserved reputation for making the finest Glass Reaction Vessels in a range of sizes from 10ml to 100 litres.Their glassblowing department is one of the best equipped in the country, able to manufacture glassware from micro-scale to the largest process plant.

They are able to work Borosilicate (Pyrex/Duran/Simax), Quartz, and Soda-Lime glass, together with a multitude of special glasses for graded and glass-to-metal seals. In addition they are proficient in many special processes including amberising, silvering, graduating, and calibration.



We are able to offer a wide range of additional services, including:

  • Graduating
  • Plastic-Coating
  • Acid-Cleaning
  • Re-Annealing
  • Toughening
  • High Temerature Cleaning
  • Own Brand Transfers
  • Assembly & Capping


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