GC Columns

Charlton Scientific is pleased to announce that it has been appointed as the UK Distributor for the MEGA range of capillary columns.

MEGA has manufactured Gas Chromatrography Capillary Columns for over 30 years. Founder, Mario Galli, has more than 45 years of experience in GC, both in the analytical and instrumentation fields, having worked in the very early years of capillary columns side-by-side with Professor Kurt Grob to develop the procedures for making glass and fused silica GC capillary columns.

Today MEGA offers a wide range of products and GC Capillary Columns, the quality of which is guaranteed by testing each individual column using the Grob Test Mixture that confirms the high efficiency of its products. The MEGA's product range includes GC-MS low bleeding columns, FAST and Ultra-FAST GC columns and solutions for Multidimensional and GCxGC Comprehensive techniques.

MEGA also produces the most efficient GC capillary columns with cyclodextrines-based stationary phases for enantiomeric chiral separations (MEGA-DEX Columns Line).

Furthermore, MEGA offers the possibility of producing ad-hoc special columns to solve your specific analytical problem.




Other Capilary Columns

Whether the customer's method specifies the column to be used, or allows equivalents, Charlton Scientific is able to supply GC columns from all the leading manufacturers.  

Furthermore, being independent, we in the enviable position of being able to offer the most appropriate column for a customer's application, regardless of the manufacturer.



Selected Product Ranges