Medical Grade Clean Room Chairs

Sterile applications demand an absolute commitment to the control of hygiene and cleanliness. The consequences of failing to meet the required standards can be serious in pharmaceutical production, food preparation and in public healthcare.

Technochair Sterile Seating is covered in medical grade vinyl on both surfaces of the back and seat pads, which is water and air impermeable. The sealed seat is fitted with a HEPA filter to prevent migration of particles.

Certified in accordance with European Standard EN143 and International Standard ISO 14644: Part 1-Class 4.



Part No Description Height
TRACT-TC311 TC311 High lift, footring & glides 625 + 260mm
TRACT-TC312 TC312 Intermediate lift, footring & glides 575 + 200mm
TRACT-TC313 TC313 Low lift, footring & glides 485 + 120mm


Each of the Technochair ranges have a number of options which can affect the price. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for a competitive quote.


Selected Product Ranges