ESD Chairs & Stools

Static Safe & Sterile Chairs & Stools - Vinyl (fabric covers also available)

Technochair ESD seating must demonstrate a sound electrical continuity path that will survive harsh use. This is achieved throughout the structure of these chairs without earth straps, which are prone to damage.

This range of ESD seating has an additional feature of a wipe-clean surface to resist contamination, to make it appropriate for sterile environments.

Non-marking glides are moulded in a conductive polymer ensuring continuity with the conductive elements of antistatic flooring.

All Static Safe Chairs and Stools are certified in accordance with British and European Standard IEC 61340-5-1/2


TC304  TC310 


Part No Description Height
TRACT-TC304 TC304ESD High lift, footring & glides 625 + 260mm
TRACT-TC305 TC305ESD Intermediate lift, footring & glides 575 + 200mm
TRACT-TC306 TC306ESD Low lift, footring & glides 485 + 120mm
TRACT-TC308 TC308ESD High lift, footring & glides 540 + 260mm
TRACT-TC309 TC309ESD Intermediate lift, footring & glides 475 + 200mm
TRACT-TC310 TC310ESD Low lift, footring & glides 440 + 120mm


Each of the Technochair ranges have a number of options which can affect the price. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for a competitive quote.


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