PU Chairs

Polyurethane is the most versatile of materials and is ideal for stools and visitors chairs which have many different uses because it is hard wearing and always cleanable.

The special design of the Technochair seat and back with elliptical features enhances air flow to reduce heat build up on the body. The texture of the chair has been selected to provide maximum grip for the operator, particularly when wearing laboratory coats.

Suitable for heavy duty use, all Technochair PU chairs have SATRA certification BS 5459 part 2-2000 for use by persons weighing up to 150kgs and for use up to 24 hours, 7 days a week.


PU4       PU5      PU6     

PU Perch    


Part No Description Height
TRACT-PU4 PU4 High lift, footring & glides 615 + 260mm
TRACT-PU5 PU5 Intermediate lift, footring & glides 570 + 200mm
TRACT-PU6 PU6 Low lift, footring & glides 480 + 120mm
TRACT-PU205 PU Perch 450 + 210mm


Each of the Technochair ranges have a number of options which can affect the price. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for a competitive quote.


Selected Product Ranges