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Many small to mid-sized laboratories are not in the position to employ a full-time purchasing officer. As such, this role is often fulfilled by a single person, or even multiple personel, who have to fit it in with their day-to-day responsibilites and workload. This being the case, they do not have the time to hunt through catalogues, or trawl the internet, in order to find the best price for an item, or even a more suitable product for their application.


This is where we come in. Charlton Scientific has over 18 years experience in providing procurement services to laboratories, and over 32 years experience in advising & supplying laboratory apparatus and chemicals. Then, by maintaining regular contact with all the major manufacturers & suppliers we are able to offer the most competitive prices for our customers, without the overheads of the large catalogue houses.


Our size & experience gives us the flexibility to offer a service tailor-made to our customer’s requirements. In addition, our customers find their administration costs are significantly reduced by placing fewer multi-item orders with us, rather than numerous single-item ones with a number of suppliers.


All of these time and money savings flow directly to the bottom line, helping improve company profitability.



We are able to offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Product location
  • Product recommendation
  • Part number cross-reference
  • Purchase order consolidation
  • Invoice consolidation 
  • Tailored purchase order management
  • Standing order and call-off order facilities for regularly-purchased items 

These can all be tailored to suit our customers' specific requirements.


Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements

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