TLC - Thin Layer Chromatography

The most common Silica Gel 60A Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) plates are listed below. Other sizes & coatings are available.


We are also able to supply Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) plates, tanks and other accessories to schools and colleges for use in A Level science courses.

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Part No Description
MN818161 Aluminium 5x10cm, 200um layer (Pk 50)
MN818163 Aluminium 10x20cm, 200um layer (Pk 20)
MN818033 Aluminium 20x20cm, 200um layer (Pk 25)
MN818133 Aluminium 20x20cm, 200um layer, UV254 (Pk 25)
MN809017 Glass 5x10cm, 250um layer (PK 50)
MN809027 Glass 5x10cm, 250um layer, UV254 (Pk 50)
MN809011 Glass 5x20cm, 250um layer (Pk 100)
MN809021 Glass 5x20cm, 250um layer, UV254 (Pk 100)
MN809012 Glass 10x20cm, 250um layer (Pk 50)
MN809022 Glass 10x20cm, 250um layer, UV254 (Pk 50)
MN809013 Glass 20x20cm, 250um layer (Pk 25)
MN809023 Glass 20x20cm, 250um layer, UV254 (Pk 25)
MN809061 Glass 20x20cm, 1000um layer (Pk 15)
MN809063 Glass 20x20cm, 1000um layer, UV254 (Pk 15)
MN805012 Polyester 5x20cm, 250um layer (Pk 50)
MN805022 Polyester 5x20cm, 250um layer, UV254 (Pk 50)
MN805013 Polyester 20x20cm, 250um layer (Pk 25)
MN805023 Polyester 20x20cm, 250um layer, UV254 (Pk 25)




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