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Optimal HPLC Columns

The Optimal® range of HPLC columns represents the next step forward in porous silica engineering, beyond the so-called "new generation" high purity materials.

The current new generation materials are based on an alternative synthesis route which yields a high purity product with excellent inertness characteristics. However, Optimal is manufactured using an entirely new process based on well established, tried and tested silica production techniques, coupled with new refining technologies ultimately leading to a superior material, combining the advantages of both the new and traditional approaches to silica manufacturing.


Two C18 (ODS) packings are available:


Optimal ODS-H

Optimal ODS-H is the most generally applicable of the Optimal phases and can be used for both specialist applications involving acid and basic compounds or mixtures of both.

Optimal ODS-H is also particularly well suited to general purpose method development.


Optimal ODS-L

Optimal ODS-L has a slightly lower carbon loading (15%) than the ODS-H and is useful for the analysis of a wide range of hydrophilic compounds which are normally not retained by other C18 based packing material.

One particular advantage is that even pure water can be used as the eluent without the need for any organic modifier. Highly polar samples only soluble in water may be separated by this packing material, e.g. sugars and other saccharides. Optimal ODS-L is also as useful for analyzing hydrophobic samples which are currently chromatographed on competitor C8 materials. Like ODS-H, this packing material is also fully end-capped.

Optimal ODS-L is also based on the same high purity silica as the Optimal ODS-H material which ensures the high degree of inertness and lack of peak tailing.


However, we also supply a complete range of packing materials to cover all standard HPLC applications:

Phase 20mm 50mm 100mm 150mm 250mm
Silica LC-5SA102 LC-5SA105 LC-5SA110 LC-5SA115 LC-5SA125
ODS-H LC-5SG102 LC-5SG105 LC-5SG110 LC-5SG115 LC-5SG125
ODS-L LC-5SH102 LC-5SH105 LC-5SH110 LC-5SH115 LC-5SH125
C1 LC-5SC102 LC-5SC105 LC-5SC110 LC-5SC115 LC-5SC125
C4 LC-5SD102 LC-5SD105 LC-5SD110 LC-5SD115 LC-5SD125
C8 LC-5SF102 LC-5SF105 LC-5SF110 LC-5SF115 LC-5SF125
CN LC-5SL102 LC-5SL105 LC-5SL110 LC-5SL115 LC-5SL125
NH2 LC-5SN102 LC-5SN105 LC-5SN110 LC-5SN115 LC-5SN125
Phenyl LC-5SP102 LC-5SP105 LC-5SP110 LC-5SP115 LC-5SP125
Diol LC-5SS102 LC-5SS105 LC-5SS110 LC-5SS115 LC-5SS125

Packings: 120A, 5um



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