about us

Charlton Scientific was formed in 2003 as an Independent Laboratory Supplier


The Difference

Large, multi-national suppliers are generally limited to some extent in the range of products they can provide, often to items listed in their catalogue. Being independent, we do not have these limitations.

The Products

Charlton Scientific recommends & supplies a comprehensive range of laboratory apparatus & chemicals; everything from bottles of acetic acid & methanol, to pipette tips & gloves. Many of our most popular items can be purchased directly through our webshop, however we have access to such a wide range, it is impossible to list everything here.

The Benefits

Our size & experience gives us the flexibility to offer a service tailor-made to our customer’s requirements. This could be a complete procurement solution, or just sourcing a few specific items.

Typically, our customers are small to mid-sized companies, whose laboratory personnel's time is better spent doing actual analysis, rather than hunting through catalogues - we do that for them.

Maintaining regular contact with all the major manufacturers & suppliers enables us to offer the most competitive prices for our customers. Furthermore, we do not have the overheads of the large catalogue houses. Bigger is not always better, or cheaper!
For example; a well known, large catalogue suppplier lists MN91313, Quantofix Nitrate/Nitrite, at £79.58 ( and still £49.31 if you buy 10+ packs). Our list price is just £30.50.

In addition, our customers find their administration costs are significantly reduced by placing fewer multi-item orders with us, rather than numerous single-item ones with a number of suppliers.







Selected Product Ranges